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Namibia Social Studies


Date: 7 April 2009

GLOBE Namibia has conducted a one day workshop with Social Studies teachers. The aim was to introduce Social Studies teachers to the GLOBE Program and its protocols. The event was hosted by the National Institute for Educational Development of under the Ministry of Education. The workshop was conducted by David Sampson, Curriculum developer and teacher trainer, as well as the country coordinator. Mark Brettenny, GIAC representative and director of the GLOBE Africa Regional Office, attended and participated in the one day session. He talked about the GLOBE Program and the possibilities for teachers to link Social Studies with climate change issues through a protocol such as atmosphere. The country coordinator informed teachers on how learners could do small scale research studies on how to monitor the seasons in their local biome, to learn how interactions within the Earth system affect local, regional and global environments.

The final session of the day served to communicate the GLOBE Namibia Plan of Action for 2009-2015 as part of the Decade for Education for Sustainable Development. Teachers were very open-minded and enthusiastic about the advantages of the GLOBE Program for them as Social Studies teachers. Many of them also expressed the constraints in terms of access to computer technology as well as the availability of electricity in some of their schools etc. They were encouraged to do the elementary things by integrating GLOBE activities to support curricula interconnections in Social Studies. We want to thank Mark Brettenny, GIAC representative and director of the GLOBE Africa Regional Office, for taking time to attend and participate in this workshop and for his invaluable input, continuous guidance and assistance.

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