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Upcoming International events

[23.9.12] 2012 Kilimanjaro Xpedition
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Past events

[2011] Africa Earth Day
Report and Photo Gallery

[2011] GLOBE Star 1 - CloudSat visit through South Africa
Report and Photo Gallery

[2011] GLOBE Star 2 - Madagascar teacher training workshop
Report and Photo Gallery

[2011] GLOBE Star 3 - GLOBE AFRICA FACILITATE the NOAA Adopt a drifter at Second In-Region Capacity Building Workshop of the WMO/IOC Data Buoy Cooperation Panel (DBCP) and Partners of the Western Indian Ocean
Report and Photo Gallery

[5.6.10] Benin Alumni Celebrates World Environment Day
Report and Photo Gallery

[2.5.10] Mt. Kilimanjaro expedition in earth science education

[25.2.10] 4th GAC annual meeting and capacity building event - Dakar, Senegal
Report and Photo Gallery

[24.9.09] Xpedition: Kilimanjaro, to the top of Africa
Report and Photo Gallery | Read about it

[3.8.09] 13th Annual Meeting: Calgary, Alberta - Canada
Read about it

[7.4.09] National Social Studies Workshop - Namibia
Report and Photo Gallery

[13.3.09] Lucky Friday the 13th for GLOBE Learners
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[23.2.09] Ethiopia Teacher Training Workshop
Read about it | Photo Gallery

[20.2.09] 3rd Annual GLOBE Africa Regional Meeting - Ethiopia
Read about it | Photo Gallery

[10.2.09] Cameroon raise awareness on climate change
Report and Photo Gallery

[13.1.09] GLOBE Information Session and Training Workshop - Madagascar
Photo Gallery

What is GLOBE?
The GLOBE Program is an international environmental education project.
Schools gather environmental data and share it world-wide using the internet.

Find out more at www.globe.gov
GLOBE Africa (22 participating countries) is one of the 5 regions of the international GLOBE program (110 countries).

GIAC Chairman:
Mr. Mark Brettenny (South Africa)

For more information go to the international website:

Collaborating Organizations in Africa: